terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010

enchanted being from an unknown realm

In the twilight of the night
I raise my hand and acknowledge the stars
Thus they are there for a reason
To light the cold and crisp nights that go by
And to make every single soul feel at home in their hearts..
Oh honor thou soul saviors
Starry night
Wishes under the moonlight and be comings above the sun
And beneath the southern moon, a heavenly creature dances and sways
Receiving praises from the outsiders
Whose glances and quivers
Observe in mere perplexment and jealousy
This makes her want to desire more and more
Every inch of her body vibrates and tingles
For now the next step she pursues
Is one to seek her partner in this mysterious dance called life under the stars.
Cuz what are we unless
Those lonely beings
Whose quests are to find
Their loved ones and
Wish for the best !

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